Apple HomePod With Siri On Chip A8 Release Delayed Till 2018


Remember Apple presentation at the WWDC 2017 conference a completely new HomePod product. The portable music column with high-quality sound and wide interactive possibilities. So, the user can directly transfer music from the Apple Music service, and also interact with it directly through Siri (six microphones for speech recognition even with music included).

Among the voiced opportunities is getting information about the current composition (up to the details, up to the members of the collective performing it), interaction with smart home systems and so on. The device runs under the control of the chip of our own production of the A8 (we are familiar with the iPhone 6), all the latest developments of the company in the field of sound have been introduced and equipped with a special system for determining their own location (angle, bookshelf, etc.) with which the sound is routed depending on the environment.

HomePod will be available in white and gray colors for $ 349. Declared compatibility with iOS 11 or higher version of the OS, The start of sales in some countries of the world (USA, Australia, Great Britain) is expected in December but Now delayed till Next Year.

Apple HomePod With Siri On Chip A8

New Apple HomePod With Siri On Chip A8
HomePod - smart audio speaker Apple with Siri On Chip A8

This year, Apple noted several fundamentally new products for themselves. Of course, apart from this in the context is an iPhone X with an OLED screen, but you should not write off the wireless HomePod column which is positioned as a high-quality audio solution in the corporate design of the company from Cupertino.

During the presentation of HomePod at WWDC 2017, Apple announced that the novelty will go on sale in December (on the eve of Christmas season). But now the timing is shifted to 2018. This was told by CNBC, which quotes the representatives of Apple that they need a little more time before HomePod will be ready to meet with its user. At the same time, Americans promise to begin selling devices in the US, Britain and Australia early next year. The cost of Apple HomePod was $ 349.


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