Apple confirmed the controlled “slowdown” of the old iPhone


Recently, the web has information that Apple understates the performance of their gadgets with worn-out batteriesstarting with iOS 10.2.1 As a confirmation, the results of tests in the benchmarks before and after the replacement of the battery were given, which differed by a double difference in the figures. Apple finally gave the confirmation of this information, and also explained the reasons for the introduction of such a scheme for managing system resources. Contrary to conspiracy theories that Apple is thus compelled to buy new smartphones, the company explains this decision purely technical considerations to ensure maximum user experience for all. The statement emphasizes that lithium-ion batteries can not provide maximum current flow in low temperature conditions and achieve a certain degree of wear, which can lead to unexpected reboots that protect hardware components from damage, which should extend the battery life.

Until recently, this was true for older devices – iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, but with the advent of iOS 11.2, iPhone 7 was added to this list, and more new models will be added in the future. Discussions on this topic will continue after the release of this statement. The most urgent request from the not indifferent is a more transparent system for assessing the status of the battery and alerting the user to take measures to restore maximum performance (for example, by using appropriate notifications). Well, over time, this issue should be a cavity removed when the market will offer alternative Li-ion-battery solutions (for example, there are developments on graphene batteries).


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