Andy Rubin leaves Essential Reason not Explained.


Andy Rubin will leave the company Essential for an indefinite time. Its first product – the frameless flagship Essential Phone smartphone, created in conjunction with Foxconn – has not become particularly popular, and the company has to consistently reduce its price. Previously, several top managers, responsible for the promotion of the device, had already left the company. However, not at all the problems of the first Essential product became the reason for the resignation of Andy Rubin. According to Android Authority, the company’s employees were told that the founder is leaving for “personal reasons”.

Shortly before this edition of The Information described under what circumstances Andy Rubin left Google in 2014. It turns out that this happened after an internal investigation, caused by a report of one of Rubin’s subordinates about their relationship. The internal rules of Google prohibit the relationship between superiors and subordinates, and such cases must be reported so that people are divorced by different units. Behavior Andy Rubin was recognized by Google as unacceptable, although all was by mutual agreement, and he resigned. Why the publication of this information three years later prompted Andy Rubin to leave Essential, is not explained.

Andy Rubin


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