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At a point in your blogging life, You will be online surfing the internet and suddenly coming across a nice beautiful theme or template and then you just wonder- “Is this a wordpress  site or blogger blog… What theme or template is this blog using?

Yes it also happens to me and almost every blogger who have to go about designing there blog them self’s. At this point you will be forced to find the name and author of that particular template and you will face the challenge of trying to find out the theme used on the blogspot site or WordPress.

Recently i was using some of the keyword research tools and i found out that lot of people are searching for the keyword ” blogger theme detector. So i decided to write a tutorial blog post and different ways of detecting if a blog is running on blogger platform of WordPress and also name of the theme been used.


All you need to do is to site back and read every bit of this tutorial to the end. This post couple to teach you the easiest way to detect what theme a blogger site is using and on the other hand expose you to an already made website which has been built specifically for the purpose of finding what theme a site is using. I have made a lot of research to see if there’s also a blogger template detector online tool or website, but i couldn’t find any online tools to detect and identity the blogger template name other websites are using. This feature is only applicable for WordPress. 
There are actually several ways to find what theme a blogger site and a wordpress site is using. This post will tutor you steps on how to know blogger template name of any blogger site and wordpress for free without using any online tools. But first thing to know before proceeding to know the theme or template name of the blog, Is to identify if the site is running on blogger platform or WordPress. To find out follow below steps on your mobile phone or PC.

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How to know if a Site is Built on Blogger or WordPress

How do you know if a website is a wordpress site or a Blogger website. There are several methods to identify if a blog is running on blogger or wordpress. I will talk about some of them below.

Method 1 : Through SSL Certificate Information

This is the easiest method all you have to do is to display SSL Certificate information of the website by clicking on the green padlock displayed at the left side of the url bar. Most blogger blog get there ssl directly from Google inc while few other blogger site gets from cloudflare. You will see something like this ISSUED BY: Google internet Authority. It means that blog or website is on BLOGGER PLATFORM. But if the following is displayed ISSUED BY: cPanel inc, ISSUED BY: Comodo rsa, Comodo ecc or ISSUED BY: CloudFlare inc. It means that blog or website is on WordPress PLATFOROM.

How to check SSL Certificate information of any Website

There is are different approach to this, But i will discus the two easiest approach below

First Approach:

  1. Navigate to the website with the certificate you want to check. To get there, type the URL into the address bar at the top of the screen and press ↵ Enter. You can also search for a website in your search engine of choice.
  2. Click the green, black or white padlock. It’s on the left side of the address bar at the top of the screen. A menu with information about the website will appear.
  3. Click View Certificate. The certificate information will appear on the right side of the screen. Some browsers may not require this step.

Second Approach:

Step 1: Open the SSL encrypted website.
Step 2: Click on the padlock from the URL bar, an information tab will appear. It includes the following information:
→ Issuer Name (Name of Certificate Authority)
→ Website URL
→ If EV SSL has been installed on the website, name of the organization will be displayed.
Step 3: Now to check the detailed SSL certificate info, click on View Certificates. A new certificate information dialogue will appear with three tabs — General, Details & Certificate Path.
→ In the General tab, IE will display the issuer website URL, issued by (CA Name), and validity period.
→ In Detailed tab, IE will display SSL version, serial number, signature algorithm, signature hash algorithm, issuer information, validity period, CSR information, public key, SAN Details (if any) etc.
→ In Certificate Path tab, the IE will display the certificate path followed by CA certificate, intermediate certificate, and server certificate.

Method 2 : Website URL format

It is easy to tell if a blog is running on blogger through this method, Because each Blog post comes with the published date in the url (post link), i.e https://www.siteexample/2019/01/posttitel. While WordPress comes in date omitted in the url, It appears most times in this form https://www.siteexample/posttitel or https://www.siteexample/blog/posttitel. So ones you check this url format in your browser you can easly tell if a website is wordpress or not. 

Other trick is the comment box: Standard wordpress comment box will give you option to input your name and email sometimes your website. But on blogger comment box you have to be login to your google account to comment. Once you see the structure of the comment box you will understand it. another thing is wordpress gives some default avatar.

Method 3 : Check the Site’s Source Code

One of the oldest and most reliable method to show if a site is using WordPress or blogger is to check the source code. In the source code displayed, check to see if important files are being loaded from the /wp-content/ folder. While important files are being loaded from

To view the Source Code of any website follow the steps below:  
Theme Detector For WordPress
  • Visit the website you want to check its preferably the homepage
  • View the source code of the page : by right clicking on any part on the page and select “view source” alternatively, you can press ‘Ctrl+U’ on your keyboard. 
  • In case your are unable to right click, it means the site owner has disable this features on his/her blog or site and if also you are using a mobile device, a method i know that will still work fine is to use the google chrome browser. 
  • To do this, place the cursor just before the starting of the url in your browser and type – “view-source:” so the URL should look like this :view-source:https://www.siteexample

Others under this method includes:

  • View the page source and try to find mention of WordPress (typically by inclusion of a reference to wp-content or wp-admin) or find mention of Blogger “Blogger Template” or “Blogger Template Style ”.
  • Type https://www.siteexample/wp-admin/ and see what shows up. This bore mixed results, as blogs often change the WordPress installation folder.
  • Copy an image’s URL and check it to see if it refers to Blogspot or WordPress.
  • Look in the footer for “Powered by Blogger” or “Powered by WordPress”. Who keeps that on their blog?

Method 4 : Use the Chrome Sniffer Extension

Chrome Sniffer, as the name implies, this is available for Google Chrome only, and is perhaps the quickest and easiest solution on this entire list.

Install Chrome Sniffer extension and it will appear in your browser bar. As you navigate to different websites, the icon will change to reflect the software being used.
In this example, the Chrome Sniffer logo changes to the Blogger logo because blog was built on blogger platform.

Method 5 : Use or Wappalyzer Extension

This online tool is my favorite, In my opinion this is the best and easiest tool available to find out what technology a website is built with. Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more. visit now to get details of any website or blog, its also available in browsers extensions.

So there you have it! 5 very simple ways to find out what’s under the hood of a website. Hope this solve all your request. Now going back to the theme type issue mentioned earlier.

How to detect the theme and Template of a WordPress and Blogspot website

If you are a Blogger blog or WordPress site owner, At times when you visit some other blog sites, Besides the article and post on that website or blog. The design and customization used will make you feel like not using your current template or theme again, probably because the other persons theme is is more cool, nice, beautiful super fast loading and it has some features you would want to bring to your own blog or site. But, sadly you don’t know the theme or the Template used for that blog/website. Read the guide below to understand how to detect both blogger and wordpress theme/template.

Theme Detector for WordPress

By now i want to believe you already identify the site type, if so; Proceed by following this step if the site is on WordPress Platform. So, here is a simple method to detect the Theme of a wordpress blog or website.

  1. Load the site and copy the URL of the site.
  2. Visit or on your browser.
  3. Paste the URL of the Site to check in the given field box.
  4. Click on “Experience the magic of WPTD” or WWPIT green search button at the lift side of the box
  5. Wait for some seconds to perform theme detection
  6. The name of the theme and download link for theme will pop-up.
  7. Download the theme to install of apply to your blog.

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Theme or Template Detector for Blogger

Unlike WordPress, which has a website built specifically for the purpose of finding what theme a site is using. Blogger has no template detector both offline and online tool to identity blogger template name other websites. There are actually just two ways of finding what theme a blogger site is using for free without using any online tools.

Blogger Template Detector

So, here is a simple method to detect the template of a blogger blog or website. To find blogger template name , what you need is the Theme author, Theme name, Theme version and Download URL. Which means we are using the source code method like we discussed above. Once you are able to get all of these, you will be able to get the theme online either paid or free depending on the type of theme. Now follow below steps on your mobile phone or PC

  1. Visit the website homepage you to find its template name
  2. Give the website or blog time to load Completely
  3. Use Source Code Viewer to view the website URL or right click on an empty space of the website and click on View Source
  4. This will open a new page on your web browser displaying html css ans other codes of the site
  5. Now press Ctrl+F key on the new opened page. This will popup a new search box on the upper right corner of you browser
  6. Type to find Keywords like “Blogger Template”, “Blogger Theme”, “Blogger Template Style” and hit “Enter”
  7. If everything works fine, you will find the exact name and author of the Template used in the blogger theme.
  8. Now copy the template name and the author Name and Google search to find more details about the template

Even after following the above steps, and you couldn’t find blogger template name and author name of the theme. There is another Alternative

Alternative To Detect The template theme used on a Blogspot Site or blog

Actually an alternative method is to ask the website or blog owner directly. Use the Contact Us page of the website to enquirer, You can also leave a comment on the blog asking what theme they are using.

Final Words

I think the best method is the View Site’s Source Code. Because it works for both detecting and identifying both website type/platform and theme been used for the website of blog. Although is Old-Fashioned Method but still works perfectly. You can even use this method to detect other website platforms like. But after following the above steps, and you can’t still find blogger template name and author name Why?

Some Website/blog owners intentionally remove the original names and other related information’s of the temple, just because they don’t want others to use this trick to find there blogger template name. At this point the only option left is to contact the site admin. Using these theme detection methods also great you can detect an go to the download page and download the Template/theme and use them on your desired blog and website. Hope this article solve your problems and thanks for reading to this point.

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