Alcatel 1X, 3C, 3, 3X, 3V and 5 on high-quality renderers


Just over a month ago, the well-known leak searcher Evan Blass (@evleaks) published a picture with renderings of six unannounced Alcatel smartphones in low resolution. Since then, none of these devices has become announced, but @evleaks now has better photos! Now you can see in detail how the chips are added from the model to the model. 1X is a very simple device in a plastic case with a speaker on the rear panel. In 3C materials change and a fingerprint scanner appears, in 3 the speaker “leaves” to the bottom end. In 3X, a second camera and a front flash are added, 3V – apparently, its camera or enhanced version. Finally, Alcatel 5 – the flagship with a rather self-design.

Alcatel 1X, 3C

Alcatel 3, 3X

Alcatel 3V 5



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