5 reasons to buy LG G6 at the end of 2017


From the flagships of this year LG G6 was shown one of the first. The Korean company was clearly in a hurry to release the flagship ahead of its “domestic rival,” Samsung, and it had to make some compromises. The main one is last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, because of which the device has disappointed many fans of AnTuTu.

Trade-offs overlapped the traditional disadvantages for LG smartphones – the low quality of the front camera and the not very good shell of the LG UX. Despite this, investigating the flagship of the Koreans, we came to the conclusion that even now its acquisition makes sense.  Overview we zaslospochili, but not canceled – it will be released in the coming weeks, but for now we’ll tell you why to buy LG G6 is even now, eight months after the announcement.

1. The price. One of the most remarkable properties of LG smartphones – they quickly become cheaper. G6 started in the spring for 51,990 rubles (with a gift in the form of hours), and now it can already be bought for almost 30 thousand rubles. As far as the price of LG G6 in the official retail, it is at that time 39 990 rubles. LG G6 does not compete with other flagships this year, they are much more expensive, but it plays in a more accessible segment. At the same time, he created flagship patterns, and it is noticeable in it.

2. Design. LG G6 became the ancestor of fashion for elongated screens with minimal indentations from above and from below. 5.7 “FullVision-display with a resolution of 2880×1440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18: 9 takes, according to our calculations, 78.32% of the front panel of the smartphone, which is comparable to the result of the iPhone X (79.55%). The speaker is made small and inconspicuous , and even the LG logo hated by many is almost invisible at the bottom.The metal sidewalls and the glass back panel complete the picture of a good design.However, I do not need to say that the minimal frames make 5.7 “a smartphone convenient for use with one hand. Still have buttons on the right end.

3. Productivity. Well, yes, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 came out more than a year ago. Well, yes, here is not the most impressive 4 GB of RAM. But on the phone, albeit not always with a stable-high frame rate per second, it is possible to play in Injustice 2, and in Unkilled, and in “Tanks”, and a hundred or more games of the same level or easier. If you want to enjoy the game, and not from the digits displayed by the fps meter in the corner of the screen, then the performance of the LG G6 is enough for you. One more detail about games: in each of them you can choose, with what aspect ratio (standard, intermediate or 18: 9) it will open, that is, there will be no compatibility problems.

4. Double chamber. Of all the options for implementing a dual camera, LG uses one of the most meaningful. The main 13-Mp module is supplemented with another 13-Mp module, which has a wide angle of image capture (125 degrees). This combination is used not only by LG, but in LG it is made the most qualitatively – for example, it is possible to change the camera from usual to wide-angle and vice versa while shooting a video. And do not choose before the start of the recording, like the fresh ASUS Zenfone 4. And the shirk, you will agree, is much more useful in everyday use than the so much blurring of the background (well, they are all oriented towards the iPhone).

5. A large set of hardware chips. Sometimes it happens that something is missing in the flagship – then the 3.5-mm jack is thrown out, then the FM radio, the slot under microSD, then audionachinku, then water protection, then the NFC will forget, then something else. Few need all these chips in one device, but two or three of them are familiar to most of us. So: in LG G6 all of the above is. Such flagships-universals with time becomes for some reason ever less, but LG is trying to keep the system. True, the infrared port is still removed. What he did not please the Koreans, I do not understand.

More on the advantages and disadvantages of LG G6, we’ll talk in the review, which, albeit belatedly, but still out in the coming weeks. But right now we can say: after a completely unsuccessful G5, the company was largely rehabilitated and offered a smartphone that is able to compete with the products of other companies. True, not in the top segment, but in the rank of smartphones for 30-40 thousand rubles – but that’s how much it now stands.


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