5 Best Web-based Torrent Downloader with IDM


Downloading torrent file with IDM, I mean Internet download manager is one of the best web-based torrent downloaders. Internet Download Manager is a great tool to download everything as it is super optimized to provide you the best downloading experience and a feature rich download manager. It allows user access full that, instead of metadata distribution on torrent files. However, using these neat tricks, no online torrent clients, you got one-click methods to getting your best free torrent downloader.

As known, torrent generally downloads large files, as it’s slow when in metadata distribution, but once it’s converted to IDM downloadable version, you get to download those large files faster. However, it’s also the safest means of downloading large torrent files to get the software, Games, videos, music, Moves and lots more.

What is Torrent File?

Torrent is the extension for a file which is created by Torrent software. Torrent is also named as torrent file which is a computer file. It contains metadata about files and folders and it is distributed to a list of network locations of trackers.Torrent is associated with uTorrent and uTorrent is a product of BitTorrent.
The uTorrent was written in C++ and it was launched in 2005. The BitTorrent is A protocol invented in 2001 as a replacement for HTTP. Today, It has become the most efficient way to move large files across the internet, please back to the Topic.

In this article, I’ll be revealing some useful methods to which you can download torrent files using IDM… so; you can just choose any from the options I’ll be detailing about. At the end of this article, I know you’ll be happy to get started downloading IDM files using IDM.
4 Web-based Torrent Downloader by Internet Download Manager

How To Download Torrent Files with Web-based Torrent Downloader by Internet Download Manager IDM

Below is the detailed sweet and simple tutorials on how to download torrent files using Web-based Torrent Downloader with Internet Download Manager, LIKE A BOSS !

1.       Boxopus

Boxopus is the easiest and fastest way to download torrent files online. You don’t require anymore torrent clients, and you can easily download and manage your torrent files through boxopus. However, boxopus is one of the safest methods and available in every platform, that is, you can download and manage your torrent files through mobile and tablet devices. With boxopus, you stay safe and secured with your private files encrypted.

2.       ZbigZ
This is my main personal cloud storage that helps me convert torrent files to IDM downloadable files. There is no network restriction using ZbigZ, and it keeps my uploaded torrent file safe with privacy. All you need to do is upload the torrent file you wish to download, and a direct download link to the file would be provided to you.

3.       PCloud
File security has been made easy with PC Cloud, as it’s also among the best torrent downloader via IDM we got. Using PC Cloud, you can easily store and download your torrent files using IDM, and files can be accessible on any platform such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

4.       Put Drive
This is another useful web-based tool that can be used to download any torrent file using IDM. To access its features, you need to register a free account with them, and you’ll be able to download files with a 10GB limit, which seems cool. I also recommend Put Drive for anyone who wishes to download torrent files using IDM.downloading IDM files using IDM.

5.        TorrentHandler

Torrenthandler is useful to download bit torrent files using IDM. It is completely free and one of the best alternative for  Put Drive There is no download and bandwidth limit. Same like other sites, you have to upload torrent file and should wait until it create cache. Once done you can download directly to your inbox.

If you still encounter any problem, Downloading torrent file with IDM or some point are not clear to you in the above solutions, please do not hesitate to indicate your problem in the comment box or contact me.


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