16 Hidden Features Google Can Do More Than Just Search For Keywords

Google can do more than just search for keywords! With these 16 hidden functions, you can get to the desired search result faster.
The search engine Google has been online since 1998 – and has long been the world market leader among search engines. Since 2004, the word googeln has even been in the dictionary. And yet there are still many Google features that are far from being known to all. Have fun trying!

1. Reverse image search

If you want to search for a specific or similar image, or if you need a different size of an image, then you can look for images in reverse. If you drag the image file from your PC into the search window of the image search , you will see similar images, as well as other sizes of the image you are looking for and web pages containing the image.

2. Directions and flight connections

Enter the two locations, separating them with the word of – and Google shows you the travel time from one place to another on – for example Hamburg to Berlin . The exact route can be found by clicking on one of the suggested routes. Another handy service: Google Flights also displays matching flight connections.

3. weather service

You can also find out the weather on Google without having to open more pages. Enter the search terms weather and the name or postal code of the desired place, such as weather Hamburg . You will get information about temperature, precipitation and wind and a forecast for the next week.

4. Google instead of calculator

Google can also count! Just type the calculation into the search bar and Google will display the result. The search engine adds “+”, subtracts “-“, multiplies “*” and divides “/”. For example, if you want to calculate percentages, enter 19 percent of 380 . Also sine, cosine and tangent can Google calculate.

5. Convert units or currencies

The search engine is also a unit and currency calculator. Whether it’s kilometers in meters or euros in dollars, Google calculates everything. For example, if you want to know how many pounds are ten grams, just enter 10 g in kg .

6. world clock

If you would like to know the time for any place in the world, simply enter the time and the name of the place. Then, as a result, the current time appears at the desired location. For example, for the current time in New York, google for New York time .

7. Stock prices

If you would like to know the current value of a stock, simply enter the name of the stock in the search field and you will see stock prices in real time – for example, Volkswagen stock . The price development can be traced back up to five years. In addition, the prices of the securities are updated live.

8. Cinema program

Google also knows what’s going on in your city in the cinema. Search for the movie program and the city name to see the movie show in your area.

9. Search only pages from specific countries

In your search, only foreign websites appear as results? If you only want to display pages from a certain country, use the search command site: Endung (Top Level Domain, for example .com or .de) and the search term. For example, to find German pages on sustainability, enter site: de sustainability in the search box.

10. Browse web pages

If you need to search the content of a particular page, Google can help. Google uses the site: URL operator and the search term you want to search any page. For example, if you would like to search impulse.de for articles on founding, enter site: impulse.de Startup .

11. Definitions

If you need to quickly define a specific word, you can easily google it without having to go to another page. This works with the define: word operator . Thus Google indicates the first sentences of the entry on Wikipedia over the searched word.

12. Find files

You want to create a PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic and wonder how others did it? No problem: Google can not only find websites, but also files. To do this, type filetype: in the Google search mask and then the abbreviation for the file type you are looking for, such as filetype: ppt (for PowerPoint presentations), filetype: doc (for Word documents), filetype: pdf ( for PDF documents), filetype: epub or filetype: mobi (for ebooks), filetype: mp3 (for music files) or filetype: mp4 (for video files).

13. Similar websites

With the operator related: and the link to a specific page, Google will display pages with similar content. If, for example, you want to post a job on a different job portal than usual, Google will show you possible alternatives. For example, if you enter related: stepstone.de , many more job portals appear as results.

14. Google as a translator

They read an English text and stumble – as an example – over the word “tortoise”. Then type in the search mask translate tortoise to german and Google will tell you that tortoise means turtle. Even with the simple command tortoise translation you will get the right result.

15. Soccer results

It is Saturday afternoon and you want to know what’s happening in the Bundesliga right now? Simply enter the name of the team for which you want to know the current score and it will be displayed to you – along with the current table space. Click on “Schedule and Results” to see an overview of past games and upcoming games.

16. Google Easter eggs

For those who just want to have some fun with the search engine, google regularly hides Eastereggs – Easter eggs. For example, google do a barrel roll, askew or blink html and be surprised what happens.

A game opens when you enter zerg rush into the search bar. Many small Os appear on the screen and try to eat your search results. Like in a computer game, you can stop the wolverines by clicking them several times with your mouse. 


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